Our Batam Plant

PT. Pratama Engineering's focus is to provide total solutions in engineering support, mechanical design industries and provide OEM support with customer partnership.

Supported by subsidiary in Singapore, the Batam plant is able to extend its expertise to customers in the region. PRATAMA provides mechanical engineering services such as fabrication, design and metal parts machining. Other value service include packaging and customization of assembly services.

Presently, our total work force is 60 workers, total floor area of more than 10,000 sq ft. We have been recognized for precision fabrication, operational and services expertise, and we are committed to add value to our customer product through the delivery of total quality.

Our comprehensive facilities In Batam

* CNC Milling

* CNC Turning

* Wire Cut

* Convention Turning & Milling

* Grinding

* Vacuum Forming

* Die Cutting

Our Quality Control Equipments

*   Granite surface plate

*   Dial Test Indicator

*   Digital Micrometer

*   Dial Caliper

*   Gauge Block

*    Pin Gauge

*    Height Gauge

*   Certified Thread Plug Gauge

*   Toolmaker Microscope

*   Profile Projector

*   Comparator Stand

*   Hardness Tester

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